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From my first meeting with her,Stacy was helpful, willing to listen, and full of ideas of things i had never thought of. I knew i needed someone who was organized and detail oriented, and she was just that. She is excellent with pre-wedding communication, and is great at following up.

On the day of, Stacy and her team were simply incredible. They managed every little detail, and didn't miss anything i had wanted to be done. I felt so relieved not to have to worry about all of the little hiccups that normally happen on the wedding day. My family, Fiance and I were able to completely enjoy the day and take in all of the memories. Even after the wedding, i have received many compliments about how smooth and easy my wedding day seemed to pass by.

Stacy made my wedding feel very personal. I didn't feel like just "another wedding" to her, which was one of the reasons i enjoyed her so much. She added many suprise details to my wedding day, that made it that more memorable.

I cannot say enough about how great Stacy and her team are. They absolutely went above and beyond to make my day special. I would reccommend her without a doubt. -

Stacy Porras is my wedding hero! She really made my wedding and the entire process easy, enjoyable and stress-free. I really didnt think that would be possible considering I was having a big wedding with 400+ guests, and it was a 3 day event!! Im amazed at how much detail she helped me put into it and really helped me from not losing my mind. She was on top of everything from the beginning of the planning process all the way until the last moment of the night. The best part of it all is her attitude, no matter what she always has a smile on her face, an upbeat attitude and never lets you down. Shes easy going, always available and gives you honest input. She really knows her stuff. I have already recommended her to so many of my friends and will continue to do so because she truely is phenomenal. - Sara and Adel

There is only one word to describe Stacy--phenomenal. She is incredible at what she does in the way only a person who loves her job and cares for the people she is working to make a wedding for can be. With her unrelentless enthusiasm, insider connections, patience, and adaptability, she enabled us to have the fun-filled, beautiful wedding of our dreams. All of this happened while remaining within the confines of our budget! She also kept us organized and calm throughout not only our day but throughout the process so that we as a couple could still enjoy the wedding planning itself. If you want a skilled, personable, and caring professional, I would go with Stacy. - Alpin and Piali

I honestly don't think my wedding would have gone as smoothly if it wasn't for Stacy and her assistants. I hired her 'day of' package and had her as our main point person which heightened the cost but was COMPLETELY worth it. This included a detailed timeline (which she finished 2 wks early), phone calls & e-mails 6 months prior, vendor coordination the week of the wedding, 2 mtgs the month & the rehearsal. Stacy went beyond this and met with us 1 additional time before the wedding with all of our vendors since we had such a difficult ceremony location. We had a different ceremony and reception site, over 20 people in our bridal party and over 250 guests so we definitely need some more help - we had 5 assistants + Stacy and 1 of the assistants for free. 1 of the assistants stayed with me the entire day, from noon until 8pm assisting my every need (breath mints, water, snacks, holding my dress everywhere I walked during pre-ceremony photos, literally EVERYTHING) and it was such a relief b/c anytime anyone had a question she was right there to answer and I didn't have to worry about anything. She was such a godsend.

My wedding was pretty detailed and I woke up that morning without a single worry because I knew Stacy & her team were on it and that piece of mind is priceless. Stacy is the best at what she does.

- Lauren and Kevin

Stacy and her assistants, Lauren and Chelsea are the very reason my wedding went as smoothly as it did. The hotel that was holding my ceremony and reception hired her for me to help with all the last minute neccessities.... and it was Godsent. I couldn't of asked for anyone better. Stacy stayed on top of every single detail and even helped me with the wedding timeline which had been stressing me out. To be honest, she actually prepared the entire timeline for me since I had no idea what I was doing!

During the day of the rehearsal, Chelsea couldn't have been more helpful. She was extremely informative and professional.

On the wedding day, Stacy, Lauren and Chelsea were there to make sure everything went smoothly and smoothly it went. Lauren and Chelsea stayed for the entire wedding and I knew I could go to them for anything I needed help with that day.

If anyone needs help planning your wedding, do yourself a HUGE favor and contact Stacy for her services - you won't regret it!!! - Shindi